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Online Casinos Rating 2020

Star iconThe industry of interactive gambling establishments is continuously developing and is updated daily with new names. Newcomers and regulars sometimes find it difficult to understand the range of names and truthfulness of the advertising promises. But the fate of the honestly earned money that the player is going to entrust to the game club depends on the right choice. For the convenience of visitors to our site, we have compiled our own rating of online casinos 2020, which is available in two variations.

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For fans of online gaming, there are two ways of finding a suitable establishment. The first is self-studying the functions, benefits and rules of the casino, and then selecting an optimal casino. Theoretically, researching gambling entertainment industry can also lead you to sites that are in the TOP rating of casinos. But for this purpose, it is necessary to donate a certain amount of funds beforehand, because without the deposit and start playing for real money it is impossible to assess the quality and completeness of the services provided by the establishment. Therefore, independent search and blind trust of advertising information can have negative consequences – it is better to follow the second option and get acquainted with the current rating of online casinos presented on our site.

The second option is to follow the recommendations of the TOP rating of the casino, which is represented on the authoritative thematic resource. Rating of casino allows potential clients to get the views of experts and experienced players on the practical experience of cooperation with the submitted establishments.

Top Casinos Rating

There are the following advantages of using TOP online casino rating:

  • a complete list of the best gambling establishments to play in the network;
  • the final evaluation is given according to the results of a detailed analysis of many indicators;
  • no risks associated with the fraudulent web sites;
  • rating of the casino includes only licensed establishments that are authenticated by the results of personal experience of the game;
  • guarantee of payments and compliance with the advertised welcome bonus.
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The online casinos rating is designed to familiarize newcomers and experienced players with brands that are the current leaders in the global gambling industry. Unfortunately, in all areas of Internet activity related to the high turnover of money, there is a huge number of scammers and cooperation with them will bring you nothing but losses. Slots and other games in such online casinos operate in accordance with pre-written scripts, a scenario of which invariably ends in complete loss of the bank. Moreover, you run the risk of becoming a victim of theft of money by entrusting questionable sites your personal data and details of payment instruments. Registration in the resources, included in our rating of online casinos 2020, guarantees a fair and safe cooperation in accordance with the requirements of international law and rules of the gaming business.

We have collected the best sites, where registration of new users is available as well as gaming for real money. Brands that are in the Top rating of online casino enjoy an impeccable reputation among gambling experts and the vast majority of ordinary players. The rating system best meets the requirements of players who are looking for the best place to play online. The advice of the various lists of the best is worth listening to only if they are placed on the relevant resources. Most of the articles on other sites can be safely attributed to advertising materials.

How The Casino is Rated

An important issue of interest to each user who has opened the rating of the best online casinos 2020 is how and who has made the proposed list? The interest is quite logical, given that most such publications are based on advertising contracts and sponsorship agreements. This is obviously unfair approach to the formation of the rating that is applied by unscrupulous resources.

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Our rating of licensed online casino is based on the unbiased opinion of two categories of people. The first category is represented by real players – visitors of our website, who made their choice in accordance with personal experience of cooperation with establishments from the proposed list. The second variant of licensed casino rating is based on the results of the analytical work of our experts. Specialists have personally tested the services offered by the establishments to assess their quality and speed of execution. The own fair casino rating was formed on the basis of the value judgments of each individual category. But the principles of formation of each of them have similar features.

Compiling the best casino rating, each listed establishment has been analyzed according to several criteria. The result of summing the estimates for individual parameters was determined by the average score, which became the basis for the creation of a rating of the best casinos. The list of evaluation criteria used includes the following items:

  1. Level of accessibility. The first requirement for rating participants is that there are no restrictions on access of players from all over the world to the official site. What good are the many bonuses and generous returns of slot machines if they cannot be used in practice?
  2. The quantity and quality of language localizations. The best online casino rating 2020 is made up of applicants who paid the utmost attention to the distributing content to people of different language groups. The website, which has been translated into two or three languages, is almost completely mistrustful, because it gives the impression of a hastily created site. A solid establishment is available in 15-20 translations, which helps to maximize the coverage of the user audience.
  3. Possession of a license. The rating of licensed casinos implies that only those companies whose activities have been scrutinized by inspection commissions are among its members. The result of such checks is an official license. A link to the validator must be present on the site of the establishment as proof of the authenticity of the document.
  4. Diversity and viability of replenishment and withdrawal options. The more payment services are presented in the list of available ways of deposits and payments, the better for the client. Modern interactive casinos offer a wide range of options for transactions ranging from standard bank cards and electronic wallets to cryptocurrency payment instruments.
  5. Speed of transactions. Gambling does not tolerate delays in the transfer of funds. Regardless of the direction in which the funds are directed, a solid establishment is required to process applications and conduct transactions as quickly as possible. Therefore, our rating includes only those casinos that have no difficulties in transferring money and do not force players to wait a few days for their winnings to be payed. Most of them guarantee prompt disbursement of funds.
  6. Variety of gaming assortment. The rating of fair casinos includes only those establishments that cooperate with providers on an official basis. Thus, they are not allowed to influence the results of the game. In fact, an interactive casino acts as the intermediary between the player and the provider of a platform that provides access to gaming content and undertakes to pay the winnings according to the results of a gaming session. The inability to influence the rate of upload slots and other types of gaming content is a fundamental criterion in determining the integrity of casinos operating in an online format.
  7. Bonus program. Welcome bonuses for newcomers and loyalty programs for active users play an important role in choosing the optimal place to play online. The evaluation under this criterion takes into account the amount of bonus rewards and the probability of their wagering, as well as the periodicity with which new bonuses are awarded to players.
  8. Duration of work in the industry. The number of registered users and the time of operation of the casino are inextricably linked to the authority of the company. If within a few years the brand manages to maintain a positive reputation, accompanied by a continuous growth of players and expansion of functionality, then this establishment is entitled to get into the rating of the best.
  9. Availability of a version for mobile devices. Modern trends dictate the conditions, so to maximize the audience of online casinos it is necessary to give users the opportunity to play on the official site with handheld devices. The best option is to have a proprietary application, but most companies are satisfied with an adapted mobile version of the site.
  10. Feedback from real players. A criterion that has become less relevant in recent years due to the massive placement of paid reviews published for advertising purposes. However, in compiling the list of best, we took into account the opinions of the real user, who posted reviews on tested sites and forums, which were not seen in advertising low-grade projects.

The rating of licensed online casino gives users the opportunity to learn about the results of professional analysis of the gambling industry. In our evaluations, we tried to convey the level of service and quality of content in the most reliable and unbiased way possible. The use of the services of the listed companies guarantees protection against fraud, safeguarding of money and personal data, as well as fair conditions of gain for all users. Especially for you we have compiled a rating of fair online casinos, which guarantee payouts in any amount and give generous bonuses for signing up, deposits and active playing.